Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And so the blogging begins...

Well it's about time that Mykel and I become part of this blogging obsession. I guess I should begin with a little introduction about what's going on in our lives!

Mykel and I met in September of 2009 at a local dance club here in Provo, Utah. We were both going to BYUat the time and started dating pretty quickly. Afterdating for about 8 months he proposed and another 4 months later we got married in the Manti Temple on August 14th, 2010! I think we both would agree that this was one of the very best days of our lives. I'm so glad that we found each other and were able to get married for time and all eternity. We were then blessed with the opportunity to go on a 5-day cruise to the bahamas! We had an absolute blast and experienced so many new things. The excursions we were able to go on included an all day hiking/canoeing/privatebeach trip on one island, snorkling on another, and believe it or not, parasailing! The only thing we would change about it is going for longer. 5 days just was not enough, and we definitely plan to take more cruises in the future.

Now on to my hubby, Mykel.
Mykel just turned the big 22 last week on July
15th! We celebrated with golfing in the morning. I wish Mykel was able to go golfing a lot more because he absolutely loves it. But it can get expensive and we are just way too busy. It took him a few holes to get back into it but once he did he started doing great. Although I admit it's not the funnest sport to watch, I enjoy going with him and watching him play (as long as I get to drive the golf cart!) After golfing, we went to lunch at Tucanos. And for those of you who do
n't know what Tucanos is, it's this sensational Brazillian grill restaurant where they give you a little wooden "cue" that has a red side and a green side. Green obviously means keep the food coming, while red means stop! The servers bring around all kinds of amazing grilled meats and grilled pineapple and vegetables. It's pretty pricey but a really fun experience and fantastic food! Luckily for us they send you a card in the mail for a free meal on your birthday so Mykel's was free. After Tucanos we got to wait in the line to see the new and final Harry Potter.
I'm definitely not an obsessed HP fan and don't exactly love the movies, I mean they're decent but I can only watch them so many times, but Mykel read all the books and really enjoys all of the movies. It turned out to be really good though. It's crazy that it's all over now but they did a good job with it! After the movie we came home and had warm apple pie, and then let's just say we did some other celebrating. :)

Anyways! More about Mykel he's still going to BYU and is majoring in exercise science. He should be graduating in April of 2013 and hopefully getting into dental school that fall!! Currently his summer job is working full time for Vivint, a security call center as a customer service rep. I think it's a love hate relationship with him and his job but overall I think that he likes it. I guess it depends on the day and how many angry customers he hasto deal with haha.. Overall though he gets paid pretty well, they give him lunch everyday, and it's a really cool company. I'm glad he was able to get his summer job there, and when fall comes and he starts school again he will work part time on campus at BYU. It's not the most exiting job but they work with his school schedule really well, he doesn't have to work too many hours, and it's definitely convenient.

Now on to myself!!
So my birthday was just a month before Mykel's on June 4th, and I finally turned 20! The morning of my birthday I had to help my brother and his wife move into a house in West Jordan, not exactly what I would have planned as a birthday celebration... But they ended up getting me a really great ice cream cake and it turned out to be really nice! After that we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (where they have the second best filet mignon I've had yet -the best was on our honeymoon cruise in the bahamas).

Then we drove to Salt Lake City and stayed at the Anniversary Inn. We discovered this place by s
earching hotels/B&B's online and I seriously want to spread the word about it, I thought it was really, really cool. It's a little bit cheesy but I like that kind of thing haha. All of the rooms are themed and are completely decorated for that theme. We stayed in "Carriage Suite" and our bed was in an actual carriage! My mom booked the room for us and was so sweet to get us a special romance package, and the room was covered in rose petals when we arrived! Talk about fairy tales. The room was painted beautifully and had all kinds of incredible decorations. It also had a fireplace and most importantly, a huge jetted tub! It was an amazing little get-away for the two of us and we are so thankful for my moms sweet gift. I also was able to go and experience a 4 hour spa package thanks to my mother-in-law! She sent me some birthday money and a beautiful Tiffany's necklace. And I definitely put that money to the best use I could, with the help of City Deals I found a spa package on sale! It included an hour and a half massage, hour and a half facial, and an hour pedicure. I definitely needed it and was thankful to be so spoiled for my birthday this year!
Currently I am working for Golds Gym in the tanning salon in Provo. I work full time and enjoy the girls that I work with. I am actually at work right now so as you can tell I have quite a bit of free time during the summer while at work! It's nice not having a stressful job right now and I will keep working here part time as I start school in the fall. And for those of you who don't know I am finally starting cosmetology school!!! I start on September 19th at Aveda Institute Provo and will graduate about the same time that Mykel graduates BYU. Aveda is such a great school and I can't wait to start my education there. My schooling will only be 3 days a week, but 10 hour days. It's a blessing that I found a school that I love everything about and also allows me to still work on my days off.

It's going to be a pretty hectic semester for Mykel and I as we both have school/work 6 days a week, but we're one step closer to our future!

Until then we are going to enjoy the rest of our summer!

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