Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Four Years Later....

I have a blog? What!? I bet you are even more surprised than I am!  But it's true, I created this blog four years ago to journal about married life and our adventures together.  The crazy part is that we are in SUCH a different place now then when I started this blog.  But I wouldn't change our journey for anything.  Back then Mykel wanted to go to dental school and I was starting Aveda cosmetology school...

Fast forward four years and Mykel has graduated from BYU with his bachelor degree in exercise science.  We moved to Salt Lake City and he went to the University of Utah for a year taking post graduate science classes.  He is now a certified medical assistant working for Providence, and taking more online science classes in preparation to apply for PA school! We have experienced a lot of changes but I am proud of all that Mykel has achieved and his excitement to be working in the medical field.  He will be applying to PA school next year and continuing his educational journey wherever that takes us!  My journey has been just as confusing.  I graduated from Aveda and worked for one of the most amazing Aveda salons in West Jordan, Utah called Life Salon.  I was also working as a nanny at the same time for an amazing family in Sandy.  We suddenly came to a point in our lives that made us realize there was nothing serious keeping us in Utah.  And if we wanted to move, specifically back to Oregon, it was the perfect time to do so.  So we made the crazy decision to quit all our jobs and take our two sweet pups with us to Portland, Oregon!

And speaking of our K9 pups, these two boys are our pride and joy.  Ezra is our stubborn 2 year old yorkie-poo and Duke, who we rescued, is an almost 3 year old long-haired dachshund/chihuahua mix.  They are spoiled beyond belief - but aren't they cute!

Back to our move... we moved in with my parents and ended up staying with them for an entire year.  At first it was a difficult transition for everyone, but we all figured out how to adjust and soon began enjoying our tradition of Crepe Sunday's together.  We are so blessed that we were able to stay with them during that time and I feel lucky that I can call my parents some of my best friends!  Mykel was able to complete the medical assisting program through PCC during this time, and we were both able to find jobs that we love.  I decided to stop doing hair and am working full-time at a medical office called Northwest Rheumatology.  Mykel works for Providence as a floating/staffing MA, where he is able to float around to different clinics and gain all kinds of experience.  He enjoys working in urgent/immediate care clinics and the fast-paced environment there.  I am going to school online through BYU and just started a new semester this week.  Needless to say we are busy but do our best to make time for each other, our boys, and Netflix of course. ;)

Anyways I guess that just about sums up the last four years as well as I can in one blog post haha. I'm looking forward to creating a post soon about our travel obsessions and our trip that we took to Italy, with many pictures included of course. Until then, stay classy San Diego.