Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Mykel started fall semester at the very end of August and is seriously killing it so far this semester!  He has all A's and B's so far and is half way through.  I am so proud of him and all of his hard work.  He gets up at 5am Tuesday-Friday to work before he starts his classes, and then works every other Saturday and I am so thankful for that.  He is also getting involved in the BYU Dental Club and has already toured one dental school that is pretty new up in West Jordan.  They were able to eat dinner with the assistant dean of admissions and a few faculty members, asking them any questions and getting to know them as contacts when it comes time to apply!  Plus many dental schools around the country send representatives to BYU for the students to meet as well.  We are definitely going to be struggling these next two years left at BYU since he will soon stop working to focus on school full-time and prepare for the DAT, and I am only able to work part-time now that I'm in school.  But I know we will be blessed as long as we continue doing the right things like going to church and paying our tithing.  Even if we have to take out a small loan, it is worth it for our education.  And P.S. this dental school picutre below is a random one that I found online... but soon enough that will be Mykel! :)

And speaking of me starting school, I finally started at AVEDA!!  I started September 26th and am in school Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9-6.  Then I work Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday so it is definitely a very hectic schedule for the both of us.  But I am so glad that I chose to go to Aveda I really love everything about it.  It's not just a company but a lifestyle.  If you read their mission statement you'll see that overall it's not only about beauty, but also about keeping your body healthy and caring for the environment.  These are all things that are very important to me and I'm so glad that I get to be surrounded by people with these same values each day at school.  If you don't know much, or anything, about Aveda I definitely challenge you to do some research, experience an Aveda salon, and think about the impact that you make in the world and how you can improve each and every day. 

Right now I am in my first phase of school, Earth phase, which is mostly learning all of the foundations and basics of Cosmetology, along with everything that we need to know for the state board exam we will take once we graduate to get licensed.  I'll be honest it's not the most exciting some days... but other days it's a blast.  We've started learning manicures and pedicures, and soon enough we'll be learning about hair cuts and colors!  I seriously cannot wait to be out on the floor taking clients and doing what I love!  There are six phases total and if you get high enough grades in at least four of them you can graduate with a high honors diploma.  I am positive that I will be getting that. :)  And I am already a member of the AMP team, which is basically like student leadership.  We plan and participate in all of the events that Aveda puts on, as well as charities and many other opportunities.  I have already helped out with a Young Women's group that came in for a self-esteem class where we gave them a little lesson, hand and back/shoulder/scalp massages, and then the more experienced students styled their hair!  Next month I get to help at the Twilight VIP party doing makeup, styles, putting on a fashion show at the theater and then seeing a special 4:30pm showing the day before the midnight premiere.  Even though I could care less about Twilight haha.. it will still be a great event!  Oh and did I mention that I get hours, that count toward my needed 2000 hours for school, for every event that I attend?!  AND Aveda offers 4 free fitness a week to keep our bodies healthy that we also get hours for going to.  As you can see I am very excited to be doing what I love in the perfect school and am looking forward to learning more and more at Aveda. 

Some exciting things I am sure I will be posting about in the near future are the holidays!!  We will definitely be attending a few haunted houses and Halloween parties this month.  Next month is Thanksgiving and I am thrilled my parents decided that they are going to come up since I don't get any time off from school.  So it will be a fun family filled Thanksgiving in Provo, with them finally getting to see our new apartment and our little kitty.  And then in December I get an entire week off so we get to go down to California and spend Christmas and New Years with Mykel's parents!! We are so excited for all of these fun plans and will keep everyone updated! :)